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This free dating site is open primarily to two rare kinds of people: those who find it difficult to join “regular” dating sites because of a rare condition that they have—whatever condition that may be—and this site is also open to people who don’t have a rare condition at all but who would be willing to date people who do have one. Anyone not belonging to either of these two groups should join any of the other myriads of dating sites. Also, if romance is not what you’re looking for, this site can also be used to find friendships only.

This site does not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, or of anything else. All who thirst for companionship are welcome here.       

This site is a bit more intimate than the average support group website. Though there is public posting, the posting is a little less public and more private here, between members. So, there is more emphasis on intimacy and privacy than publicity. The only component of this site that more resembles the average support group is a private group which can be created by any member, and any member can ask to join it.

If you have a rare condition, you can mention it in your profile or wait until you find someone here that you’re interested in and disclose your condition in a private message or email to that person, whichever way you choose to do it. Or maybe you’d rather wait until your first face-to-face meeting with that person to let him or her know what your condition is. Personally, I think letting the person know BEFORE the first date would be fair not only to that person but also to you. You wouldn’t want to risk rejection solely on the basis of your condition. But, of course, it’s up to you.

This website seeks to remedy the fact that we with our conditions don’t quite fit in with the “regular” dating sites. After all, we are no less human, no less capable of love, no less desiring of falling in love. So, why should we be left out?

As far as I know (as of 2015), this is the first site of its kind, but I’m sureheart_rocks_attributes_crafts_love_35996_300x188 not the last. Others will follow and improve upon this one. As a result, thousands of people just like us will meet others just like us and fall in love and perhaps even raise families. I’m hoping that will happen beginning with this first site (if this is the first site of its kind).

As for those of you who don’t have a rare condition, only use this site if you’re 100% sure that you will not reject a member (after a physical meeting) solely for his or her disorder. Otherwise, please join another dating site.

I welcome any complaints by any member who feels they have been criminally or otherwise mistreated. If it’s a criminal circumstance while the two of you are physically together, call the police right away and then contact me. Please don’t place such complaints in Comments, instead email me, the administrator, at rich@romancingrarehearts.com I will make sure the person in question is barred from this site. 

Use Comments for everything else, including suggestions on how to improve the site. I’ll do the best I can to make any necessary changes and improvements.  CHAMP. GLASSES

I hope you enjoy yourself and meet that special someone. You deserve it. Cheers! Here’s to romancing rare hearts.      


Note: Even if you choose not to become a member of this site, please feel free to browse, read, and/or order any products.

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Hiding in dark corners                                                                                                    Like an untouchable in shame,                                                                                  Afraid to talk, afraid to love,                                                                                        Afraid to play the game.

If I were to reach out and touch you,                                                                                  Would you back away from me?                                                                                      Or would you see me as God’s creation,                                                                            Like an apple or a tree?

–Arun Nagrath,                                                                                                                         Pharmacist and scientist                                                                                                   BSc Pharmacy Hons, MSc, MRPHARMS.


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