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If you have never joined a support group for your particular condition, it’s a good way to meet others who understand and can relate to your struggles. Before I joined my first odor support group back in 2008, I had never met anybody with my condition. I thought I was one of maybe 2 or 3 other people on the entire planet with it. I was shocked that so many others were suffering as I was. I met a lot of good people there. Plus, I finally found out what was wrong with my body and what I could do to treat the sea_heart_nature_landscape_flowers_love_romance_54126_300x188problem. Whatever your condition, this is a list of support groups you may be interested in.

For those with my particular rare condition, here is a list of odor support groups. Maybe you’ll want to join more than one.


All Support groups:

RareConnect | Communities

Support Groups | DailyStrength


Down’s Syndrome:


Mentally Challenged:

Global Mental Health Resources : CheckPoint (

Find Support Groups | Mental Health America (

Global Mental Health (

Groups In Your Area (

Missing Limbs:

People With Hearing Loss:

How to donate to TMAU research:

This is a link to donate to TMAU research for better treatments and someday a cure. The link takes you directly to the MEBO TMAU website. Once there, simply click on Donations at the top of the page.

Click here for the official MEBO website–see what’s new and happening with treatments and lots of other important info concerning TMAU.

If you have a different condition, maybe you’ll want to find out how you can donate for better treatment and a cure for it. Every cent helps.

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