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What do these 2 pages include?

4 logo_1685361_webThese pages are comprised of links to information concerning the treatments and causes of types of odor which form on various parts of the body: underarm, breath, hair/scalp, groin, and feet. Scroll down on this page for that information. There are images of products on both pages that you can click on to order from Amazon.com. Among other info on page 2 are also links to over-the-counter anti-depressant medication, and links to how to manage stress and social anxiety. Click here if you wish to view page 2 now.    


What’s it all about?


Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) is a metabolic disorder which causes a pungent odor. When bacteria in the large intestines metabolize (or break down) choline (a nutrient found in nearly all foods), trimethylamine is created. For many people, the liver is unable to convert trimethylamine (the compound that causes a fishy odor) into the odorless compound trimethylamine N-oxide. The result is a fishy body odor though some body odor types (i.e. fecal) vary in persons with TMAU.


There are two types of TMAU: Type 1 is when you’re genetically born with it; type 2 is when you acquire the disorder in a number of ways.

In a normal liver, the enzyme Flavin-Containing Monooxygenase 3 (FMO3) neutralizes the fishy smell of trimethylamine, converting it into the odorless compound trimethylamine N-oxide, which is then released into the urine. But for many people worldwide, this FMO3 enzyme is severely deficient. The result is that the unneutralized (or under-neutralized) odor of trimethylamine is released throughout the body in the sweat, urine, breath, and reproductive fluids.

Choline is an important nutrient for, among other functions, maintaining a healthy brain. But for people with TMAU, the consumption of foods rich in choline increases their body odor. Why? First, a clarification: The metabolism of food is the chemical process by which the components of the food are broken down (or processed) and turned into energy and other requirements for the body. It is during this process that choline creates trimethylamine. So the more choline, the more odor-causing trimethylamine there is for the defective FMO3 enzyme in the liver to struggle to neutralize.

Because choline is considered to be related (though not officially) to the vitamin B complex, it might be a good idea for people on a low-choline diet to take vitamin B supplements. But if you’re on medication or have a separate medical condition it is also a good idea to consult with your doctor before starting on supplements of any type.

Trimethylaminuria has existed for many centuries. There is no known cure. However, the existence of this little-known malady is gaining traction in the medical field. And, I believe that better treatment is on the horizon and even a cure.

Note: TMAU is not the only condition that causes chronic odor. Others include, but not limited to, diabetes, liver disease, and foot and groin fungal infections.


This is the link to a post of a certain TMAU sufferer’s “cure”:


Information on systemic body odor: 


This is a link to an article about research for TMAU: http://www.bloodbornebodyodorandhalitosis.com/2015/12/hazen-et-al-dmb-inhibits-trimethylamine.html?m=1

TMAU Testing

Want to be tested for TMAU?

Here is the link. Once there, click on Testing at the top of the page.



Click the feminine product on the left and/or the supplement product for men and women on the right, as well as any other products on this page, to order from Amazon.com. If you are on medication or have a separate medical condition, please consult with a healthcare professional before taking supplements of any kind. 

Body Deodorant Products

Want to order and/or learn more about deodorant capsules, tablets, and softgels? Click on any of the following items.



FREE TMAU Anthology eBook              

What is it?

This anthology, which is comprised of authentic essays, uplifting poetry, entertaining TMAU fictional stories, and more, was written by members of a TMAU support group. Here is the PDF link to it. Feel free to download it to your computer. 


Odor Treatments and Info

This is a list of areas of the body where chronic odor maladies take place. The links are for information and also treatments you might not have tried yet.

If you find that anything here works for you, please leave a comment about it at the bottom of this page so that others may be inspired to try it as well. 

If you are on medication or have a separate medical condition, please consult with a healthcare professional before taking supplements of any kind. 

Breath (Halitosis):

This PDF link http://therabreath.com/docs/Ozone_Generator.pdf was taken from a website for Halitosis at http://www.badbreathhalitosis.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?

This link has ample info on halitosis http://www.medicinenet.com/bad_breath/article.htm

This is a link to a website claiming to have a cure for halitosis http://www.profresh.com/?gclid=CPaa4-qEsccCFY89gQodGg0Inw

These products may help with breath odor. Click any image to order and/or read reviews and other info at Amazon.com. 


These are links to information on how to treat groin odor:


YouTube video on groin odor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M_JbZWfTi4 

http://maggieameanderings.com/2011-Jan-30.htm (also for feet and underarm odor)

Antifungal creams, such as Clotrimazol, as well as soaps and powders, can help with groin fungus. Click any image to order and/or read reviews and other info about these products at Amazon.con.

The above antifungal body wash can also be used for foot and scalp odor, as well as the groin.

These 3 tee tree oil products kill fungus and aid in other skin conditions. 


  These 2 products are for the vaginal area.

The following men and women’s undergarment products aid in genital odor control. Click on any image to learn more.

Scalp & Hair: (The above foot and body wash can also be used for the scalp.)

The following are links to websites regarding scalp and hair odor:





 These 3 products are for scalp and hair odor. Click on any image to order and/or read reviews and other info about these products at Amazon.com. 


http://maggieameanderings.com/2011-Jan-30.htm (also for groin and underarm odor)

Home remedies for foot odor: http://www.top10homeremedies.com/home-remedies/home-remedies-for-foot-odor.html


http://www.footsmart.com/P-Sanifeet-Shoe-Disinfectant-50565.aspx?SRCCODE=WBSHOPP1&cm_mmc=OLM-_-Criteo-_-SiteRetargeting-_-WBSHOPP1 (also for groin)These 3 products may help with foot odor. Click on any image to order and/or read reviews and other info about these products at Amazon.com.  


http://maggieameanderings.com/2011-Jan-30.htm (also for feet and groin odor)




These products may help with underarm odor.  This product can also be used for foot odor, as well as underarm odor. Click on any image to order and/or read reviews and other info about these products at Amazon.com. 

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